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Hello to everyone. My name is Kat Stegman and I  purchased a EBT when she was 8 weeks old. She is now 14 weeks old. We are having some major issues with her. Steve suggested I post here to get great advise from EBT owners. First of all, we have 9 other dogs (rescued) one of them being an 8 year old male EBT (Willard) who has stolen my heart.The new puppy (Wilma) is a holy terror and nothing like Willard. She constantly torments the other dogs (some are handicapped), bites them until they cry and then ends up getting bit in the face or ears. Yesterday she got into a hell of a fight with our border collie and when the fight was over Wilma was circling her like a shark with her hackles up. We have tried scolding, crating, e-collar and nothing seems to work. Her face is so cut up it looks as if we have been fighting her!! In fact, I can't even take any pics of her because she is so beat up. I just don't know what to do with her. I could just cry. She is so sweet with us but I'm terrified of what will happen when she grows up. She is taken to "pet adoption" every Saturday as my husband volunteers there and gets along with the other dogs fine. Our dogs will not play with her because she is so aggressive and bites so hard. Someone mentioned sending her off to a boot camp in Morganton, NC to a man who trains the dogs for their police force. I guess he specializes in Pitts but has worked with Bt's in the past. I could get references....I'm sure. HELP. I adore this pup and really want to help her.
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  • philsergeantphilsergeant Palm City, Florida, USA
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    That Little Wilma is a little turd isn't she? I think much of her behavior is to be expected, I believe she just wants to play, the other dogs are settled in their space and heirarcy and don't like her extreme boisterousness /energy and therefore they react negatively (perhaps just under their breath) and she escalates it into a fight. I'm willing to guess that you either got Willard grown, or he grew without many other dogs around. Until you teach an EBT to behave they will behave badly. The first step is who does she think the boss is? She has to learn that it's anybody but her. Your husband and you first have got to get her to understand you're in control. Then she needs to be severely admonished EVERY TIME she acts up with anyone. She also needs be praised EVERY TIME she is good with each DG... Have treats ready... And whatever admonishing tool you choose. Being aggressive to other dogs, people, cats, will not be tolerated. She'll catch on quick. Watch the Episode with Caesar Milan in the string EBT with Caesar on UTube... Those are the techniques you need employ.
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    Wow, 9 dogs. Lots of work I bet. Having just one bully is work already.

    Spud is going to be officially 7 months next Sunday and he still is barely getting the hang of being with other dogs. I started socializing him the first week I got him at 10 weeks through a puppy social every Saturday for about a month. He was fine and basically running around with other dogs.

    Next came the first set of puppy classes with socialization for the next 6 weeks which taught me how to have him around other dogs. Basically you need to be firm. I was lucky enough to have my trainers dog show Spud manners in class.

    At around 4.5 months came the dog park visits. One to two times a day up until now. The first two months were work as any dog that came in to the park he want to play with. Every single dog for the first month and a half got a Spud bite - not breaking skin but to play. The last few weeks he's finally settled down to sniffing and mouth touching to enact play.

    Most dogs do fine along with their owners as they know they can correct each other but some otherwise. Spud isn't too aggressive anymore but there are a few instances of dogs not liking his play or dogs who straight ignore him where I need to watch him.

    It's going to be a long process but you need to own the space, be firm and exude leadership. It will be patience from here with the puppy stage being very long, some saying 2-3 years.
  • philsergeantphilsergeant Palm City, Florida, USA
    @soapskid...from 8 to 9 months they start to "mature" and I'm sure 90% of the puppy behaviour will be over by the time he's one year.... I know it's frustrating to have to be constantly yelling "NO"!, but as long as you are consistent you'll be fine.
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
  • That is something we have noticed with our Stoeger... He does NOT like to be ignored by humans or other dogs.

    I think you're right on track Phil & Soapskid. Kat this may be what is going on, Wilma wants to play and get attention. Your other dogs are not interested. The dogs at the adoption clinics may have a different opinion and are more ready to play???
  • I've accepted as long as it takes to get him on the more chill side. As long as I match him on his energy levels and no work for the rest of the year I can devote the next four months solely to him.

    I'm confident that the progression of Spud's obedience moves forward every week but there are still some moments he will make me go haywire. He did just chew up a pair of glasses Wednesday that my optometrist is replacing for a little under $100. So far a pair of glasses and cat 5 cables totaling $110 total so far.
  • @Stoeger - indeed, he's the only dog at the park who greets every dog and person. Everyone knows him and loves the fact he walks between their legs to get their attention. At first it was jumping but I got everyone to ignore him until he calms down to pet him.

    I've met a good stead group in the morning to do this. I may eventually take him later in the day but the park gets pretty packed and it might be too overwhelming for Spud at this time.
  • Willie & Claxxton are the same age.  Willie is a much higher energy dog.  During the first year she wanted to be alfa with all my dogs.  I put her on leash, so I could snatch her the  moment she pinned her ears down and threw daggers at another dog.  She quickly learned my message.  The only Alfa one is Joel or me.  You have to send that message load and clear.  Once, I even held her and told my lab to BITE her.  (Willie had a mouth full of Lab and wouldn't let go, so I held Willie's arm & told Ruby to bit her.)  Shocked Willie enough to let go. The only time she got free with another dog, was by my choice.  She desperately wanted to play, and I made it clear "only when Mama or Daddy said she could".  And on leash.  She learned quickly.

    Then I think you need to move in with Cesar with your 'pack'. If you're going to have that many dogs, ya better learn how to handle all behaviors.

  • Yes, I think you are all right!!!!! After reading your posts yesterday we corrected her when she was getting too wild with the other dogs and she immediately stopped biting and lunging at them. She continued to attempt to play but at a much gentler approach.
    Yes Phil we did get Willard when he was older (~8 years). He was turned into the McDowell county animal shelter for nipping at a mans grandson. The woman who runs the rescue we volunteer for had Willard for 2 months but her dogs never accepted him and he hid in his crate 23 hours a day. We brought him to our house and he was a new dog. It took awhile for the other dogs to grow to like Willard but finally it happened and he is part of the pact. Willard was a stud dog for all of his life and had little socialization skills. It's weird...he never uses his mouth to play....ever, He just spins in circles and hits the other dogs with his butt. He bites Wilma though and she has the battle scabs to prove it!
    Phil, do you know what Cesar clip it is? I tried but couldn't find it..
     I have just received several EBT books and the training book "When Pigs fly". 
    Thank you so much for all your gentle advise to this novice.
  • He's spinning?  You need to break that.  I am told that can lead to aggression.  Our Claxxton spins.  We got a air horn.  That helps a lot.  But now he knows we don't like it.  So I pop him with a kitchen towl, works just as well.  He is a lot better now.  Only does it when he is excited.  He did this when we got him at 1 12 years old.  Also, we don't think he knew how to play with people.  We play with him inside & outside now.  Trying to burn off some of that energy.  ;)
  • philsergeantphilsergeant Palm City, Florida, USA
    Kat, I'll email you the clip;  Wonderful to have you here, and I am sure you can teach that little beauty, (did I tell you she was beautiful?) to the point where butter won't melt in her mouth!  She'll do you proud!
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
  • Kat, we should start a book club, I recently purchased "when pigs fly" too. I have a 6 month EBT who can be quite stubborn and mischievous! This forum has become more like a support group for me!
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