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 Brooklyn really messed up this morning! She got to doing her Bull Runs, lost her head and jumped up and bit me on the upper arm!  Now in fairness to her she was used to "wrestling" with the 11 yr old boy she used to live with. I don't believe in tussling with a dog, never have but that was the way she was raised. This was just a nip but it did draw a lot of blood and hurt too. I think this may have been one of the reasons they got rid of her.

Anyway, then of course I was bleeding pretty good so needed to get back to house and get soap, water, ABs and band-aid on there, but FIRST a little "Talk" with Brook!  I snatched her right off the ground by her collar with her feet hanging, brought her nose right up to my nose and gave her a loud talking to!  Something on the order that if she ever did that again she would wind up in a bar of soap! A bit like a momma dog would chastise a pup but louder. LOL I think she got what I was saying and although she put on a pretty good front when I set her back down,  I think she was right sorry.

I knew she would be upset then so after I treated my  arm we went out and played ball for awhile to let off her anxieties.

We'll see if she is more careful in the future. I think she will be.   Sonja, Pumba & Brooklyn 



  • philsergeantphilsergeant Palm City, Florida, USA
    Mmmm! If it were me she woulda been in her box for at least two hours without a glance or word so she understood our displeasure.
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    @Sonja - I hope you're alright and the bite wasn't too bad. I'm sure her actions didn't get over too well with you. I thought you were going to explain that you disciplined her via the lead she was on. I bet she didn't enjoy the ass chewing she got.
    In the event this incident ever happens again instead of picking her up by her collar off all fours and yelling at her try simply pinning her to the ground and submitting her. This is actually more on the line of what's understood by them in means of being dominated.
    On a positive note, it seems your methods of training are slowly changing from the use of a lead with delicate hugs and kisses to a bit more of an aggressive style which may prove more effective on Bull Terrier that is no push over.  :)

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • Need that firm hand. As much as we like to cuddle our BT's we also need to balance it with discipline. Can't let them run amok.

  • NO, my methods are not changing. LOL I have been fostering cattle dogs for many years and it is natural of course for them to be more nippy than other breeds. It's what they do after all, bite 1200 lb bulls to get them going.... and to go where the dog wants them to. I take on the "bad" ones sometimes so I know how to deal with them once they are settled in.

    I have never been one that believes that you have to "pin a dog"...we are NOT dogs ourselves and we can't be a dog or react as fast as a dog. We can be human pack leaders though and we can carry ourselves like pack leaders. Dogs know. Brook is real young yet and I think she just got all carried away. I don't think it will happen again as she was not in any way serious about it. If she were a mature bullykid I may have acted differently.

    I also know that a young dog has the attention span of a gnat and that incarceration just does some good for a very short time. I am all for crates, don't get me wrong but I don't use them for punishment. They are good places for a dog to "think" things over though after they have been corrected for whatever, if you are already indoors. I do not think that hauling her all the way back inside and THEN crating her or whaever would have connected what she did to me out in the meadow, to any "punishment". Too lated!
    In Brooks case as I am her pack leader, she just needed reminding that even playing too rough is not acceptable for us delicate skinned primates.

    Leads are for PREVENTION and to keep the dog from messing up in the first place so they can develop the good habits we want them to. Brook has been off lead now outside for a couple of days. So, the lead is back on for awhile outdoors.

    Did I mention that you guys are GREAT?

    Sonja, Pumba and Brooklyn
  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    Well my fingers are crossed that Brook stays in line so she isn't picked up off all fours by her collar and yelled at any more. Are you sure you never yelled "No" when she snapped at you? :-?
    Well keep us up to date with her progress.

    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • I would have pinned her down faster than a cheetah on the kill. Just remember, pinning doesn't mean you're hurting them. I actually think it would hurt less being held down on the ground opposed to being pulled up by the collar. Pinning is just what worked in our house. I also would have totally ignored her after the incident. Dogs, especially bullies I have found, aim to please their owners. Anytime Apollo acts out he is totally ignored. The only thing he wants is love and attention so he'll keep his butt in check once he realizes he gets none of this for acting up. Just like people, all dogs are different. I've learned that my bullie is so very different than the German Shepherds I've raised and grew up with. I agree with you that we are not dogs, but we still must show them we are the pack leaders.
    I'm sure Brooklyn did not mean to bite you on purpose. Sound like all the play and excitement just caught up with her. I hope your arm is ok and will heal quickly. Keep us posted on your injuries. :)
  • Ugh, playful puppy bites suck!


    I'm definitely all for pinning bullies. It gets their attention instantly and says "I'm the boss and I did not like that!". I've used this technique our 2 youngest and I regret that I did not use it almost 5 years ago raising our first bull terrier.

  • Remember to socialize your dog as well. Most dogs learn from each other. Since I have the time to bring Spud to the dog park almost everyday I see the same dogs and their owners. Almost all the time now I leave Spud with the older dogs and they have been teaching him a lot about doggy manners. A lot of the owners have helped as well not greeting Spud as he jumps on any of them but when he is calm.

    The one thing that has helped as well is after about 45 minutes Spud will get tired and the pack will stay in lie downs for 10-15 minutes and this has helped Spud understand to be calm and this is where I pet him to condition that calmness in him.

    Hope this helps.
  • MY dogs are on the go quite a bit. They go to the lake, to Petsmart, the the feedstore, car wash etc. Brook starts classes on the 25th. All of my adopted dogs have earned their CGC , Brook starts classes on the 25th. Its almost here!

    One of the things now that I think it over( I always think over what you all say), is that re the pinning a dog down...I have dealt with really bad-assed cattle dogs for a number of years. You do NOT pin down an ACD! That is the best way I know to get your face bitten off! So, I think that "learned" behavior of self preservation on my part has stuck with me.

    Secondly. I know you all don't know it, but I was born in 1939,... So throwing myself on the ground, or on a dog or on anything else is not an option! ROFL!!!!! Gravity aways wins! LOL I still jog, yes , but that getting up and down business is kept to a minium and usually means I just fell out of a tree!

    All of my dogs have always been taught to be polite including foster dogs. To SIT and STAY until they have permission to go and greet another person gently and "human properly". Its just good manners.

    Soapskid, this is great that you PRAISE your good Spud for doing what you want him to do. In your case, being quiet and calm. Good show!

    IN for a hot one today so its almost time to turn on the AC and bring the furkids indoors. Have a great weekend!

    Sonja, Pumba & Brooklyn
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    I wouldn't pin down a full grown dog either. It's not the prettiest face, but I'd like to keep it! ;) Got to get them while their puppies.
    I would never have guessed you were born in 39. You got too much spunk! >:/
  • Wrong smilie! \:D/ This ones better!
  • I'm so glad to have found the forum.  I'm a previous BT owner, and she was very tough to train, even with private hourly discipline training every weekend, just the two of us with the trainer.  He never used the pinning method but I plan to try it.  Having experience with the breed, I truly think that meshes perfectly with their behavior.

    We're on the waitlist for our perfect BT puppy.  It's been a long time since I've had a Bully companion, so I'm pretty excited and looking forward to chatting with everybody. 
  • BulliesofNCBulliesofNC Richlands, NC
    @exiled ; - Welcome to the Forum. I'm confident you'll enjoy many of the articles and discussions that have been brought up within this Forum.
    - Steve Gogulski
    "It's not just a Dog, it's a Bull Terrier!"
  • Welcome Exiled!!

    I know we were happy to discover this forum when our pup was on it's way.

    Please share you and your pup's adventures and pics here!
  • Welcome!
    Your actions speak so loudly I cannot hear your words.
  • Thank you for the very nice and warm welcome, ladies and gentlemen.  Speaking with Steve a couple of months ago reminded me what I have been missing with a Bull Terrier in my life.   

    Indeed, this forum will be an online home once our day gets here.  I love that people post pictures, makes my day.  :)
  • I was wrestling with Oscar and he got super excited and started a bully run while in a headlock I had him in. His tooth caught my ear and almost ripped it off.. A total mistake on oscars part. Bit geez
  • philsergeantphilsergeant Palm City, Florida, USA
    As I frequently tell my wife... Bullie's are excited and boisterous enough WITHOUT us getting playful and hyper..... the only way to keep them "placid" is to always behave calmly around them... If you tickle them or wrestle them with a high pitched voice, as she sometimes does.... It's like setting off a Saturn Rocketship to Mars!
    In the beginning God created English Bull Terriers, in the image of EBT's, God created all other breeds.
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